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Income Tax Preparation

The Canada Retirement Information Centre’s Tax Department has prepared thousands of reviews and evaluations for senior taxpayers, (at no charge), to determine potential tax savings.  Our tax service is geared to the specific needs of retirees and seniors living in the National Capital Region. 

Free Tax Preparation Service:

We offer a free tax preparation service for clients and their spouses. This free service is for the preparation of basic personal income tax returns

In addition, we will prepare the tax returns for extended family members, such as parents or children of our clients, for a reasonable fee.  We also prepare Estate Tax returns in the year of death of a taxpayer.  Please see our Estate Settlement Service on this website for more information on tax issues in the year of death.

For a FREE tax review, contact us.

Fee Based Tax Preparation Service:

Selecting a competent tax professional is an important financial decision. We are confident that you will be afforded a quality service without the burden of high priced fees or having to see a different tax preparer each year.

Our personal tax preparation fees start at $85 for individuals and $170.00 for couples.

Additional fees are charged on billable time at an hourly rate that is considerably below what other tax preparers might charge.

This service provides:

·         A Review of Prior Year Returns

·         Individual Income Tax Preparation

·         Assessment Reviews & Adjustments

·         Small Business/Self-employed Tax Preparation (other than Corporate)

·         Personalized Spreadsheet for Small Business/Self-employed Income & Expenses

·         Previous Year Corrections

·         Late filings

·         CRA Audits and Appeals

·         Personal Tax Planning

·         Estate Tax Return (Please see our Estate Settlement Service)

To take advantage of this service, call or email  today at 613-225-2020, tracy@canretire.com to make an appointment. We will provide a free review of your tax returns and look forward to preparing your future returns.