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Financial & Estate Planning for Common-Law Couples

Financial & Estate Planning for Common-Law Couples

According to the Statistics Canada website, common-law relationships are more likely to fail. The General Social Survey issued by Statistics Canada in July 2002 illustrates that common-law unions are twice as likely to end in separation as marriages and these relationships are far more common today than they were over a decade ago.

How to Benefit from Using a Financial Advisor

The results of a recent poll reported by Fidelity Investments stated that 71% of retirees who worked with a financial advisor have the retirement they were hoping for. Of those retirees who did not use an advisor, only 53% have the retirement they had hoped for. Additionally, 52% of pre- retirees expect to continue working in retirement, and 48% of working retirees do so for financial reasons.

The Financial and Emotional Ravages of Alzheimer’s

The Baby Boomers have become known as the “sandwich” generation as they are wedged between the dependency needs of aging parents and the needs of their children. Those hit the hardest have been the families ravaged by the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Baby Boomers now find themselves reaching the age when the disease is more likely to strike. Very few are prepared for the emotional and financial toll this degenerative disease can take.