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Estate Planning & Settlement

Are you the Executor of an estate and find yourself over your head in terms of time, knowledge, or geography? Has a loved one passed away and you are too overwhelmed to deal with all there is to do?

Canada Retirement’s Estate Settlement Service offers a professional service that assists executors in handling the multiple responsibilities of estate settlement after the death of a loved one. We will assist you in both Estate Planning or Settlement.

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Some examples of the tasks required by an executor which we can assist in completing include:

  • Read and interpret the Will and meet with beneficiaries when required.
  • Determine and assemble all required information & documents pertaining to the assets and liabilities of the Estate.
  • Prepare a Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
  • Submit claims & applications to the necessary agencies.
  • Arrange to have Real Estate valued.
  • Notify brokers, bankers, etc.
  • Apply to banker/broker for release of the funds to pay for probate/legal fees.
  • Complete claims for life insurance, RRSPs, government benefits, etc.
  • Instruct lawyer to apply for Probate.
  • Assist in closing bank/brokerage accounts and safety deposit boxes.
  • Assist in having assets re-registered into estate or beneficiaries’ names
  • Prepare and file the final tax returns to Date of Death, including special returns that reduce taxes and the T3 filing for the Estate (post death).
  • Obtain a Clearance Certificate from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Prepare a partition statement of the assets among beneficiaries so that distributions can be made effectively.
  • Prepare a Final Statement of Accounts for the beneficiaries and obtain releases, when required.
  • Perform other services that may be required in connection with the settlement of the Estate.

Fees:  Please call the Canada Retirement Estate Settlement Service office at 613-225-2020 or email Tracy Sun, Senior Tax Consultant Tracy@canretire.com for a free estimate.